Women and hustle culture: why we need to rethink how we work 

women and hustle culture

Are you the driven, ambitious type who believes “nothing is impossible if you work hard enough”? Chances are you’ve heard that achieving success necessitates dedicating yourself to hard labour, clocking in long hours, and maintaining unwavering concentration on your tasks. This mentality has gained significant popularity in the last few years, with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and […]

What women with ADHD should know about thriving at work

Women with ADHD

I bet adulthood has made most women wonder, “How can I become the perfect woman who has it all sorted?”. Of course, I also fell for this unattainable goal! I thought it was about having a perfect daily routine, a healthy and fit body, glowing skin, dazzling communication skills, multiple sources of income, a ‘bullish’ investment […]

Your child’s first orthodontic appointment 

first orthodontic appointment

Childhood is full of milestones, from losing the first baby tooth to the first day of adult teeth appearing. As a new mom, you probably document every little detail to cherish those later. But are you missing something more important? As a parent, you determine whether your child moves through the teeth development phases in […]

The irony of being famous for the wrong reasons

famous for the wrong reasons

In today’s era, going viral might be the craziest obsession for people of all ages. The fame-thirsty people don’t have to be outstandingly talented or charming to get into the limelight. New-gen reality TV shows promote this behaviour on all mega-platforms, helping these ‘celebrities’ cash in big time. No matter how much you wonder why these people […]

How women empower creativity in the digital age

Creativity in the digital age

Nowadays, art and technology go hand-in-hand. Witnessing how the creative digital space constantly evolves with new tools and software to help creatives and artists thrive has been revolutionary. We have come a long way since the discovery of the printing press in the 15th century. In the 21st century, with powerful tools like the internet […]

4 Movies that tell you about Asian parents 

Asian parents

When compared to European or Western lifestyles, Asian parents generally raise their children differently. Filial devotion is a prime characteristic of Asian parents. With Asian movies gaining more global audiences, you (if you are an Asian) can relate more to the on-screen depiction of Asian parents, our culture, and individual development.  Things you can relate […]

Organise your thoughts with these 4 journaling apps

Journaling apps

Before we get into the different journaling apps, let me ask you some questions: do you love watching aesthetic Instagram reels of people journaling in their leisure time? Well, that’s not just for the sake of making visually-appealing videos. Journaling also acts as a self-care method. Have you ever tried it? If not, think of […]

4 FREE language-learning apps for you to try!

language learning apps

The ability to effectively communicate in more than one, or even two, languages are rapidly becoming essential in every industry. Working with people from various cultures and countries is nothing new in today’s data-driven, digital-first world. On the other hand, finding the time and money for language learning courses can be difficult. However, with some […]

Why you must watch Beryl Shereshewsky on YouTube

Beryl Shereshewsky

I can’t explain how many hours I have spent watching food vlogs created by Beryl Shereshewsky on YouTube. Though in the past years, an enormous haul of cooking videos have blown up all over the web, I have never been a fan of mindless vlogging. I am a quality-over-quantity kind of person, especially with regard […]

Top 3 movie apps for the ultimate movie buff 

movie apps

Movies are our go-to programme, whether at the end of a hectic day, to spice up a boring weekend, or to have fun with family and friends during the holidays. A couple of hours of storytelling through cinematography can be refreshing, provided you pick the right flick. But irrespective of what genres you like or […]