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Top 3 movie apps for the ultimate movie buff 

movie apps

Movies are our go-to programme, whether at the end of a hectic day, to spice up a boring weekend, or to have fun with family and friends during the holidays. A couple of hours of storytelling through cinematography can be refreshing, provided you pick the right flick. But irrespective of what genres you like or which actor’s movies you are crazy about, there’s something for every kind of cinephile that these movie apps have to offer.

We bring you a list of three movie apps to elevate your experience. The best thing about these apps is that they have an extensive backend full of machine-learning-based data collection systems. Consequently, they make your entertainment preferences even more personalised! These apps keep a record of what movies you have watched, what you wanted to watch, or what you hated but forgot about. These apps are no less than virtual butlers! They know all your entertainment preferences by heart and provide apt reminders at the right time.

TV Time

The best thing about the TV Time app is the highly personalised recommendations that exactly match one’s taste and choice. Its algorithm uses machine learning to suggest personalised watchlists for every user. The app takes note of the streaming platforms you have installed and asks you to tick all the popular shows they have watched. You also have to choose from trending shows and the most added shows, followed by the movies you’ve watched. This is where it gets a bit tedious. But, at the end of the procedure, you will find a ‘Discover’ tab with a list of ‘top shows for you’ customised for you.

You can even enable notifications to get updated on the latest additions and popular shows. However, while preparing the recommendations list, the app somehow seems not to give as much importance to sitcoms as to drama shows.

The app also tries to engage the viewers in the best possible ways. For instance, there are fun questions like: ‘What did you love most about the episode?’ with very specific fan-favourite options. There are even show-specific comments and memes that build community viewing. Thus, making the experience becomes much more involved. And when you finish a show, it gets taken down your watch list (which is a welcome improvement for many users!). 

Watcha Pedia

This app was developed in the year 2013. Like any other app, Watcha Pedia also pays close attention to the user’s tastes and choices to curate the recommendation list. Once downloaded, it first asks you to rate some popular titles. After that, it recommends movies in categories like ‘Box Office’, ‘Similar to <movie you liked>’, and ‘High experienced rating’, which are usual.

Watcha Pedia further makes lists based on the directors whose movies you rated high, trending actors, member collection, and so on. These categories contain titles that are based on your liking. Moreover, the ‘Taste Analysis’ tab has movie tags displayed in big and small fonts to show what sort of movies you are interested in and generally watch.


IMDb is probably the most popular app for watching shows and movies online. This app has an incredible amount of shows fit for everyone’s taste. Moreover, it is a great platform for keeping track of news and information from the entertainment industry. The app allows users to rate popular movies as well as leave comments. Once you sign in, you receive recommended shows as per your taste. You even have the option of making random lists of shows that you want to watch later. These lists can be kept private or public, according to your wish. You can also follow actors and directors to receive updates on their recent movies.

It gets better. The IMDb app lets you read movie trivia, catch bloopers, and even discover random facts about actors you like. Furthermore, the app allows you to check on the status of a long-awaited movie along with details like who the actors are, what the roles are, and where it is adapted from. IMDb picks like music, space travel, Emmy winners, and other exciting categories are a few exciting and unique features of the app that you wouldn’t want to miss!

If you are a movie buff, these apps are here to take your passion to the next level. They are fun, engaging as well as efficient. Which of these apps find space in your most visited platforms for watching movies online? Let us know if you have a favourite!

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