Organise your thoughts with these 4 journaling apps

Journaling apps

Before we get into the different journaling apps, let me ask you some questions: do you love watching aesthetic Instagram reels of people journaling in their leisure time? Well, that’s not just for the sake of making visually-appealing videos. Journaling also acts as a self-care method. Have you ever tried it? If not, think of […]

Ghosting: when it’s not just a communication gap


Ghosting isn’t a recent trend. For as long as humans have communicated with each other, they have also broken off communication without warning. However, in today’s world, ghosting is much more evident because of instant communication. With devices and social networks that inform us if a message is read or not (thank you, devastatingly accurate […]

Gaslighting: everything you need to know


If you’re unfamiliar with the intricacies of the term gaslighting and it confuses you, you are not alone. “Stop imagining things. You never remember things correctly.” “You’re overthinking it!” “I never said/did that. Are you crazy?” “If you loved me, you would….” These are some phrases that people often use while gaslighting others, be it intentionally or […]

Mental health apps for your every need

Mental health apps

  Today, we’re making huge strides in destigmatising mental illnesses. People are actively working on making mental health a priority. Moreover, it’s becoming less taboo to talk openly about therapy. Everything points towards the fact that we’re prioritising self-care, which is incredible! However, with all these recent developments, we still sometimes fail to do the […]

Managing Long COVID-related anxiety

Have you been feeling more worried than usual? Do you feel uneasy, constantly anticipating something negative to happen, even if you can’t put your finger on it? Have you also had COVID in the past year? The chances are that you are experiencing Long COVID-related anxiety. Read on to discover what it is and how […]

Journaling 101: Why you should start today

Do you look longingly at Pinterest images of aesthetically pleasing bullet journals? Have you encountered journal prompts on Instagram and wondered whether you should try them out? Or do you think journaling is a fad that will run its course? We’re here to tell you that journaling isn’t just a trend–it works wonders for your […]

How sleep deprivation impacts you

We’ve all experienced sleep deprivation at some point in our lives—whether it was for staying up all night cramming for the next day’s test or binge-watching the newest season of your favourite series. However, if this becomes a prolonged habit, you might be doing more harm to yourself than you can think of! Let us […]

Paying attention to your sleep cycle

Pay attention to your sleep cycle

If you’ve read about signs of poor sleep, you might have recognised quite a few symptoms in yourself. But what if you have these signs of sleep deprivation despite putting in a solid 8 hours? Do you have a routine where you’re usually out like a light and wake up still bleary-eyed and dozy? Cases […]

How grounding techniques can help

The experience of a panic attack or a vicious bout of anxiety can be incredibly unpleasant. You feel powerless, out of control, and extremely overwhelmed. More often than not, the fear of a repeat attack makes you more anxious. Finding a way to remind yourself of the present is crucial in such situations, and the […]