Women entrepreneurs promoting sustainable agriculture

Women entrepreneurs have been trying to incorporate sustainable ways that benefit humankind in the long run.

For instance, Aparna Rajagopal, a lawyer-turned-farmer, has turned a barren land in Uttar Pradesh into a food forest and animal sanctuary.

She has also imparted knowledge about environment-friendly practices to the local community.

Meanwhile, teacher-turned-entrepreneur Bina Devi has been educating women in Bihar about self-employment through fungiculture and rice intensification.

Nurture Fields is an innovative Telangana-based operation by Keerthi Priya and Odapalli Vijaya Laxmi that deals with post-harvest wastage.

Their workers convert excess produce into dehydrated (sun-dried) and preserved fruits and vegetables (spinach, papaya, tomato, cabbage).

They also produce soup, curry, and juice mixes.

In India’s male-dominated organic food scene, these are some of the many emerging women entrepreneurs transforming the food industry positively.

Adopting traditional and sustainable practices through personal and community education has been instrumental in this transformation.

Thus, women entrepreneurs are building an inclusive and environment-friendly food system that benefits the environment and other women.