What sustainable living looks like

If you identify as a recent convert to the cause of living sustainably, here’s where your journey can take off:

1. Green is the new black: If you’re not known for your ‘green thumb’, start with low-maintenance microgreens.

They can up your salad game for the ‘gram and can soon inspire you to dabble in more adventurous greens.

Urban farming, typically a kitchen garden on your balcony, can account for up to 50% of your produce.

2. Put meat on hold: The rearing of livestock for food is a significant contributor to global warming.

And as the demand for meat grows each year, the planet’s green cover is cleared up to make room for ranches.

Our part in this can be a lower meat intake than usual.

3. Shop smart: Once your shopping list is ready, do basic research on stores/brands with the greenest practices.

E-commerce platforms like Evakind and Only Ethikal use biodegradable tags and reusable packaging and go paper-free with invoices.

Courier services like DHL use bicycles and electronic vehicles to transport packages.

4. Swap’ n save: Avoid single-use plastics for your child’s birthday party and choose reusable serveware.

You can also replace your plastic straws with metal ones, especially if you’re on a juice cleanse.

Instruct your food delivery service to skip the cutlery and plastic cutlery with your order.