What is Long COVID-related anxiety?

What is Long COVID-related anxiety?

A person who experiences ‘anxiety’ is prone to expecting something unfavourable to happen.

Sharper breathing, muscle tension, ‘racing thoughts’, an inability to focus, sweating, and restlessness are some of the physical and mental symptoms.

A person who has recovered from COVID may be more anxious in any situation.

Unfortunately, they do not receive enough information about what to watch out for when experiencing the many effects of Long COVID.

As a result, they feel all the more angry or frustrated with themselves.

They also become increasingly worried about their fluctuating energy and moods, especially since there often is no apparent cause for these changes.

Increased anxiety can also cause fatigue, another common Long COVID effect.

The combination of anxiety and fatigue can make it more difficult to focus or concentrate, especially at work.

People suffering from Long COVID-related anxiety are often advised to ‘push through’ and finish their work.

However, when you are overly anxious and tired, this advice may be counterproductive, leading to mistakes that ruin your work.