The ugliness behind ‘pretty privilege’

People whose looks seem agreeable to certain beauty norms experience what is known as ‘pretty privilege’.

They get to cut lines, accept free drinks, and all kinds of favours are offered to them ‘on the house’.

This concept has its roots in the idea that pretty people, particularly women, get amenities and opportunities.

These perks are not afforded to those who don’t fit into traditional beauty norms.

It all boils down to what is considered ‘pretty’.

Often, this is how ‘pretty’ is measured: the closer your features and body are to Eurocentric beauty standards, the prettier you must be.

And then, each culture has its own idea of beauty.

Even so, when different cultures interact, these ideals overlap and become even more complicated.

K-pop bodies, for instance, are all 50 kgs or less.

Whether this is due to genetics, a diet rich in vegetables, or unhealthy crash diets, many may find this kind of body unattainable.