How do we get rid of microplastics?

Realistically, we cannot entirely revoke our use of plastics per se.

So while microplastics shake up the human world, we can do little to erase them permanently.

However, we can attempt to catch microplastics before they go into the drains in our homes, all the way into oceans.

1. Read the labels printed on the fabric of your clothes, bed linen, and any other textiles you buy. Use organic cotton, linen, hemp, and pure silk which are plastic-free.

2. Select from a wide organic selection that can replace acrylic paint, polymer clays, and slime.

3. Switch conventional makeup products out for zero-waste brands that go easy on the oceans and your skin.

4. Use the finest filters in your washing machines to sieve all the plastic microfibres in your laundry.

5.  Vacuum carpeted areas as often as possible, especially over area rugs and doormats, as microfibres come loose with use.

Microplastics pose quite an ordeal for the environment and us. Fortunately, we’ve come to identify the problem early enough.

With a little determination and a lot of awareness, we can actually beat these tiny troublemakers and keep them from threatening our ecosystem.