How can you tell if you’re being gaslit?

Gaslighting happens when someone manipulates you into thinking that your version of events didn’t happen the way you remember or say it happened.

They might question your authority, deny the evidence you have, and mislead you into believing a false narrative.

The trickiest part about gaslighting is that it is not always obvious when it’s happening.

Thus, it is difficult for the victim to call out such behaviour.

Signs that are cues for gaslighting include the following: – They are insensitive to how you feel

– They minimise and invalidate your feelings by claiming you’re being ridiculous

– They make you feel like you’re always mistaken by overriding your version of the story, and

They keep cutting you off and interrupting your narrative.

The term has also been reduced to a catch-all phrase lately, making identifying gaslighting behaviour even more difficult.

Hence, it is necessary to notice whether the expressions have a recurring pattern or just differences of opinion.