Women and hustle culture: why we need to rethink how we work 

women and hustle culture

Are you the driven, ambitious type who believes “nothing is impossible if you work hard enough”? Chances are you’ve heard that achieving success necessitates dedicating yourself to hard labour, clocking in long hours, and maintaining unwavering concentration on your tasks. This mentality has gained significant popularity in the last few years, with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and […]

What women with ADHD should know about thriving at work

Women with ADHD

I bet adulthood has made most women wonder, “How can I become the perfect woman who has it all sorted?”. Of course, I also fell for this unattainable goal! I thought it was about having a perfect daily routine, a healthy and fit body, glowing skin, dazzling communication skills, multiple sources of income, a ‘bullish’ investment […]