4 FREE language-learning apps for you to try!

language learning apps

The ability to effectively communicate in more than one, or even two, languages are rapidly becoming essential in every industry. Working with people from various cultures and countries is nothing new in today’s data-driven, digital-first world. On the other hand, finding the time and money for language learning courses can be difficult. However, with some […]

Gaslighting: everything you need to know


If you’re unfamiliar with the intricacies of the term gaslighting and it confuses you, you are not alone. “Stop imagining things. You never remember things correctly.” “You’re overthinking it!” “I never said/did that. Are you crazy?” “If you loved me, you would….” These are some phrases that people often use while gaslighting others, be it intentionally or […]

The body-binding clutches of ‘heroin chic’

Heroin chic

Heroin chic is one of the many body trends in the fashion industry that have been regulating how women view their bodies. Affecting women across all age groups, these trends are known to influence teenagers the most, who are still learning to accept the drastic changes that puberty brings with it. In such a state, […]

Why we should worry about microplastics


Humans have a love-hate relationship with plastics. This synthetic material makes our lives incredibly convenient, and its use in medicine and technology can even be life-saving. However, plastics also choke our planet, squeezing the life out of every species in the ecosystem. Yet, despite this awareness, we have chosen to use more plastics instead of […]

Colourism has got to go!


My battle with my skin tone first began when I was 12 years old. My mother, meaning well and thinking she was doing me a favour, bought me some fairness cream. What this echoed in my mind, however, was ‘YOU’RE UGLY! Your own mother thinks so!’ And it only amplified from there through my teen […]

Managing Long COVID-related anxiety

Have you been feeling more worried than usual? Do you feel uneasy, constantly anticipating something negative to happen, even if you can’t put your finger on it? Have you also had COVID in the past year? The chances are that you are experiencing Long COVID-related anxiety. Read on to discover what it is and how […]