Women and hustle culture: why we need to rethink how we work 

women and hustle culture

Are you the driven, ambitious type who believes “nothing is impossible if you work hard enough”? Chances are you’ve heard that achieving success necessitates dedicating yourself to hard labour, clocking in long hours, and maintaining unwavering concentration on your tasks. This mentality has gained significant popularity in the last few years, with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and […]

Your child’s first orthodontic appointment 

first orthodontic appointment

Childhood is full of milestones, from losing the first baby tooth to the first day of adult teeth appearing. As a new mom, you probably document every little detail to cherish those later. But are you missing something more important? As a parent, you determine whether your child moves through the teeth development phases in […]

Mental health apps for your every need

Mental health apps

  Today, we’re making huge strides in destigmatising mental illnesses. People are actively working on making mental health a priority. Moreover, it’s becoming less taboo to talk openly about therapy. Everything points towards the fact that we’re prioritising self-care, which is incredible! However, with all these recent developments, we still sometimes fail to do the […]

Modern parenting styles and trends

Modern parenting

Parenting in today’s digitalised world is far from easy. In the past, you raised your children somewhat like how your parents raised you, as per the traditions of your community. Your parenting choices could become a topic of discussion at family gatherings. Still, other than that, you were safe from prying eyes. However, with the […]